Stan Myers

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The distinctive watercolors of Stan Myers are characterized by his sensitive observation to detail expressed through his vivid palette. “I use brilliant color,” he says, “to capture the feeling of light and atmosphere, at the moment of the experience. Light on a surface reveals the object, but more, the mood and substance of that single moment I have been captivated by and desire to share with the viewer. How can any of us help but want to share special moments of discovery with another”

Born in northwestern Ohio in the mid 1950s, Myers received an associate degree in technology from the Fort Wayne School of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Calvin College. A member of the prestigious American Watercolor Society, he has worked as a freelance artist and private teacher. He has exhibited in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he now resides, as well as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. He has participated in national and state competitive exhibitions receiving recognition through several awards. His paintings are included in private, corporate, government and museum collections throughout the U.S.

The landscapes of Stan Myers have a “peaceful harmony” about them that is apart from the rigors of the daily routine. He delights in finding places to paint that, as he says, open his “eyes and mind to the great richness about us in Creation — landscapes and intimate settings that provide a sublime revelation of beauty in its characteristics. When people view my work, I would like them to discover these places through the art as I have. To experience a taste of what I have experienced, to share in the goodness of that moment of life. But, in addition, I would like them to understand that the painting is not only a personal impression or statement of experience, but also an image that is created to reflect beauty in its aesthetic and composition as a piece of artwork.”

Collectors appreciate the sparkle of vibrant blues, radiant whites, brilliant reds and lush greens that the artist exuberantly incorporates in his depictions of a variety of themes, most commonly related to tranquil waterfront settings. Whether it is hypnotic patterns of light on waves of water or the accuracy in his careful attention to every line of rigging on a boat, the viewer can’t help but share in the moment of passion the artist was captivated with as he painted it.

Myers has also made frequent trips to Italy, seeking to capture the fleeting impressions he adores in a series of paintings that reflect the old-world culture found in the Mediterranean architecture, landscape and sunny temperament of the people. As he absorbed the colors, texture, scenery and lifestyle of Italy, he found he was forever changed, emotionally and artistically: “Exposure to the people and the country has given me a new direction and insight to the special beauty that is around all of us, not only in Italy, to be found.”

Myers is an artist who continually seeks beauty in order to share it with others through his unique work.


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