How can a fine artist best prepare for licensing their artwork?
Capturing images as high resolution, production quality digital files is critical.  One of the most important things in licensing is that you have something to license!  Unfortunately it is difficult or impossible to license your work without these files already in place.  In licensing, we must have the artwork ready for a licensee to use even before they choose it. Most deals happen very quickly, and there is no time to locate originals and photograph them. It is much more time and cost effective for originals to be photographed before they are sold.

Who holds the copyright to the images?
Each artist retains the copyright to their images. Licensing is the “lease” of those rights within various constraints in place via a written Agreement.

Should I sell my copyrights?
It is not recommended that you sell your copyrights. Unfortunately, in the past companies had purchased not only the rights to use the art for the product the company manufactured, but they included the copyright ownership of the image in the contract, preventing the artists from using the art for anything else. Thankfully we don’t see this as much today, but it’s definitely something of which to be aware. Always consult with your attorney before signing an Agreement.

I own a painting that I didn’t create; does that mean I own the copyright?
No, the creator of the artwork owns the copyright unless is has been specifically sold or transferred to someone else in writing. The owner of the painting only owns the actual painting, not the associated copyright.

Do you license artwork for use as, or part of, a logo?
We don’t license images that will be used as commercialization for logos as it limits their viability once it’s associated with that particular company and use.

Can I have an artist create the image I need?
For the most part, Ansada Licensing Group works with artists that paint for the gallery market to sell their originals to collectors and licensing their images comes after that. Artwork is shown after it is finished and ready for licensing. There are thousands of images we offer, and we encourage you to contact us to help locate what you’re looking for. Some artists are willing to do commissioned work on a case by case basis.

I can’t find an image that fits my criteria on the webpage, what do I do?
Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for, we are always looking for new artists ourselves. We might be able to find what you need.

What are examples of the types of licensing you provide?
Ansada Licensing Group is a Fine Art Licensing Agency.  The artists we represent paint to sell their originals through their collectors and through galleries, museums and art shows.  Those images are then made available for licensing.  We represent artists that paint Traditional subjects in a detailed realistic style.  The types of artwork our artists specialize in includes wildlife art licensing, landscape licensing, nostalgic art licensing and figurative art licensing.