Fine Art Licensing

Ansada Licensing Group specializes in licensing the art created by 56 fine artists with a library of over 10,000 images.  These artists create their beautiful paintings to be sold in galleries, museums and at art shows to both private and corporate collectors.  The artist retains the copyright to the work.  We then provide the work for licensing use with the artist’s permission.  Our artists specialize in the creation of wildlife, figurative nostalgia, Americana landscape nostalgia, landscape and floral images.

Working with the highest caliber of artists means that the Ansada Licensing Group can provide you with the best images in quality, composition and anatomical and environmental accuracy.  Our image library for traditional, representational wildlife art for licensing is among the largest, and highest quality in the world.  Wildlife art licensing continues to be a category in high demand because of its timeless subject matter and broad appeal.

Our artists that create nostalgic images have long histories and are well known for their amazing images that evoke emotion and bring back memories from our childhood and of yesteryear.  The artists we represent who create images considered to be Americana, Figurative Art Licensing, or Nostalgic Art Licensing, also create in a traditional, representational style that most closely represents how we remember things. Nostalgic and Historical Art can depict fun times, games, events, feelings, family, environment and the look and feel of a simpler time. There is an incredible amount of research that goes into every painting before a brush even touches the surface of the painting. All of our artists are extremely knowledgeable about their subject matter.

Landscape Art Licensing is a very important category, taking people to places they have never seen in person, or taking them back to a favorite place they love so much. National parks, cities, golf courses, and beautiful scenic settings that could be any of your favorite places are among their subjects.

Ansada Licensing Group is always looking for new artists. If you know someone or would like to be considered yourself, please get in touch with us. If you are a licensee who is in need of assistance finding something very specific, please let us know and we can help!