Figurative, Nostalgic, and Historical Art Licensing

Figurative, Nostalgic and Historical Art Licensing includes many different types of images, but the common thread is that these images depict scenes including people in various periods of time, contemporary, historical, or nostalgic.  Historical images will be accurate to the time period and event, where nostalgic images, while based on people and places, depict a fictional event or setting.

Paul Calle

Tom Cross

Carla D’aguanno

Jim Daly

Kathy Lawrence

Florian K. Lawton

Don Maitz

Del Parson

Nelda Pieper

Heide Presse

Sueellen Ross

Don Roth

John Seerey-Lester

Catherine Simpson

Don Spaulding

Joe Velazquez

Richard Jesse Watson

Janny Wurts