Martin Figlinski

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Martin Figlinski lives in Apollo Beach, Florida with his wife and two kids. He has lived in Florida his entire life and began painting at the age of fifteen.

Whether it be an old clapboard cottage, sun drenched palms, or a boat tied to a piling while waiting for adventure, Martin’s work reflects his longing for an Old Florida that once was. A time when things were a little simpler and life moved a bit slower. A time when tall tells were laughingly told while sipping iced tea on a front porch as day gives way to evening. A time when salty oysters were shucked in a back yard with friends and rustling palm fronds were music in the air. Martin hopes that his work takes us back to that special place in time. 

His paintings are full of lively brushwork and are rich in detail but often leave out just enough to allow us, the viewers, a chance to complete the story through our own lenses of life— much in the same way a good book becomes so uniquely personal to us.

The subjects in his work are often not exact places or scenes but instead his interpretations of things both seen and imagined.

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