Luke Buck

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Luke Buck, a native “Hoosier”, grew up in Indiana with a love for life, art, and nature that is evident in his nostalgic paintings of Americana landscapes and American wildlife. He was raised in a family of artists; his father, mother, one sister, and three brothers, all of whom were blessed with artistic talents from fine art, to music, and poetry.

Luke lives in the perfect environment for an artist, as Indiana is rich with art heritage. Nineveh, Indiana, where Luke resides, is the birth place of William Merritt Chase, one of the founders of the impressionism movement from the mid 1800’s and founder of the New York School of Art. Chase inspired several Indiana artist of his period that later became known as The Hoosier Group. Many other prominent artists later joined the art colony in Nashville, just south of Nineveh, Indiana, that still today is a Mecca for artists from throughout the country.

Most of Luke’s art education and influence came from training he received from his artist father, Harold Buck, whom he shared a studio with for many years. Luke studied figure drawing at the John Heron Art Institute while majoring in art at Arsenal Technical High School, both in Indianapolis, Indiana. He majored in art in high school and received a Vocational Certificate in Commercial Art upon his graduation from Tech in 1960. This school launched Luke’s art career by placing him in his first commercial art job with the Herff Jones Co. as a designer and illustrator of class rings and signet jewelry.

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