David Graham

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David Graham is an emerging Western and Wildlife artist whose depictions of the West spring to life through his creations on canvas.  David was born in Miles City, MT during the time his family was operating a ranch in the Powder River area east of Miles City.  His family’s deep roots in the western way of life have greatly influenced David’s art and have nurtured his interest in the land since his very early years.  His passion to paint the people, wildlife, and scenery of the West comes not only from the aesthetic beauty that captivates him, but also from his love and interest for the land’s history and culture.

Throughout David’s college years and beyond he worked side by side with his father, who was managing a large southeastern MT ranch.  This time offered David unforgettable memories and provided first-hand knowledge of the subject matter in his paintings.  After several years of balancing his art endeavors with time spent working on the ranch, David decided to make a change.  In January of 2008 he took the plunge and began painting full time.  In 2010 his work was presented and accepted in a Jackson Hole, WY gallery.  At the same time David turned more to his love of nature and expanded his art to include more Wildlife scenes.  Since then he has spent an increasing amount of time researching and photographing Wildlife in Montana and Woming.

Today David lives in Billings, MT.  When he is not at the easel he is enjoying the great outdoors that Montana has to offer.  He looks forward the most to his time spent gathering research material.  Whether horseback or hiking a quiet mountain trail it is his love of the land of the West that drives and motivates him in his work as a painter.  David’s faith in God also maintains an important place in his life.  He is perpetually swept away by the beauty of God’s great creation.  He feels blessed to be able to share what he has seen and experienced.  It is his goal that others may experience the same enjoyment through his art.

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