Cherish Flieder – Whimsical Watercolor Design

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Cherish Flieder is the maker of modern watercolor art, scarves, gifts, cards, books, and a plethora of delightful licensed goods designed to wrap people in love and bless them into their higher purpose. With every whimsical stroke of her brush, Cherish’s unique approach to painting and color sings for joy. Her images emerge from deep, soulful pains and passions. Flowers, combined with the wonders of all Creation in the face of chronic suffering, are prime inspirations for Cherish as she translates her message of love to each artistic handiwork she designs. Something to Cherish® embodies idyllically painted illustrations and uplifting messages on treasured gift items for our loved ones or ourselves. She wants those who see her art to know this: “You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are completely loved. You have a gift in your hand that is meant to be a blessing for yourself and others. Life is a gift to cherish.”

Cherish is a widely acclaimed, multi-award winning, and classically trained artist. Her artistic designs have helped to sell millions of dollars of product all over the world. It has been seen at retail in galleries, boutiques, gift, stationery, and garden shops as well as high-end resorts, country clubs, upscale department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, J.C. Penney, and many other diverse outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Home Goods, Jo-Ann Fabric Stores, and Sam’s Club. She has designed thousands of SKUs in men’s and women’s fashion apparel and accessories, books (including children’s books), magazines, craft, and stationery products, greeting cards, art prints, technology accessories, gifts concepts, and more.

She holds a triple-major BFA in Illustration, Fine Art, and Graphic Design, a minor in Leadership, and emphases in French and Biblical Studies from RMCAD and CCU. She launched her career in fashion, designing art and marketing for Clint Eastwood’s Tehama, PVH’s IZOD G, and Arnold Palmer apparel lines. Cherished Solutions, llc, her illustration and design studio, has also aided in publishing countless celebrated books, illustrations, branding, and omni-channel marketing campaigns.

She is passionate about passing on the torch of creative entrepreneurship to the next generation. She personally taught hundreds of illustration students’ art, business, and marketing as an Adjunct Professor at RMCAD. She leads the international “Art of Licensing” groups and® and hosts online education events for budding and fruitful art professionals.

The majestic foothills in Golden, Colorado are home to Cherish, her artist husband, Benjamin Hummel, and kitty, Lady Guinevere. She loves learning new things, laughing with friends and family around a home-cooked meal, exploring shops, traveling, hiking, and caring for her year-round garden.

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