Adam Grimm

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Adam Grimm is an internationally known wildlife artist who rose to prominence on November 4, 1999, when, at the age of twenty-one, he became the youngest person ever to win The Federal Duck Stamp Competition.  In the eighty-one year history of The Federal Duck Stamp, widely recognized as the most prestigious wildlife art competition in the world, no other artist has managed to eclipse this achievement.  Adam used his record setting victory as a stepping-stone to a highly successful wildlife art career, featuring many other notable achievements, and culminating in his second Federal Duck Stamp title for 2014-2015.

Adam married his best friend Janet, in 2005.  The following year marked the arrival of their first daughter, Madison.  Shortly thereafter, in pursuit of a life closer to nature and true to their strongly held values, the young family relocated to South Dakota.  In the years since, they have welcomed three additional miracles into their lives, daughter Hannah and sons Jonas and James.  Currently, the Grimm family enjoys life on a homestead of their own, situated on the outskirts of a tranquil country town.  With no shortage of pristine land to explore, Adam, Janet, and all four children enjoy sharing their mutual passions for various outdoor activities including photography, hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Rural life has proven to be essential to Adam’s ongoing development as an artist. His immersion in a world of spectacular scenery teeming with incredible animal life has played a critical role in the enhancement of Adam’s artistic eye.  The constant inspiration provided by his daily surroundings has fueled his passion for the outdoors and intensified his desire to accurately portray the magnificence of nature in his artwork.  In order to achieve greater accuracy in his work, Adam has also spent many years developing his skills as an accomplished wildlife photographer.  From the countless hours spent photographing in marshes to the finest detailed brush strokes on the boards he brings to life, each “Adam Grimm” work is an authentic tribute to the brilliance of God’s creations.  Adam knows he is very fortunate to earn his living as a wildlife artist, but has never considered it his job so much as it is his calling.  So whether you’re a discerning art collector or simply a wildlife enthusiast, rest assured that Adam’s 2014 Federal Duck Stamp Print will be a sound investment for generations to come.

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