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Over the course of 40 years, The Unicover Corporation and its Fleetwood division commissioned more than 13,000 original paintings, drawings, sketches, and commercial illustrations from more than 300 world-class artists and illustrators. Images of those original artworks were featured on First Day Covers, postage stamps, prints, porcelain collectors’ plates, and other collectible products designed and manufactured by Unicover. Today, licenses for the use of high-resolution images of nearly all 13,000+ works are available through¬†Unicover’s successor company Wind River Studios Holdings and its licensing agent Ansada Licensing Group, LLC.¬† Reproductions of many of these pieces have appeared in published books, on puzzles and greeting cards, and in the form of high-quality prints.

The Wind River Studios image library includes an incredible variety of themes and subjects, including stunning depictions of key WWII events, technically-perfect renderings of aircraft and historical sailing vessels, landscapes and botanicals showcasing the age-old techniques of traditional Chinese painting, and portraits of some of the most famous politicians, entertainers, military leaders, and moments in American (and world) history.

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