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Clinton Jammer is a self-taught nature artist whose wildlife and landscape paintings are recognized internationally for their ultra high level of realistic detail. He moved to Muskoka in November 2018 where he opened his own art gallery in his home in Port Carling and paints from his home studio.

Jammer began drawing in pen and ink when he was just a young boy, etching what was most certainly the beginnings of future paintings into the pages of his school notebooks. But it wasn’t until his late 20’s that he began to approach painting seriously. He’s been an avid supporter of nature and wildlife conservation throughout his 30-year art career. Over the years, he has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for various organizations and causes through donated paintings and sponsored print sales.

Jammer’s wildlife and landscape paintings have been displayed internationally at many prestigious exhibitions, including the Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition, the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, the Artists for Conservation Annual Art Festival, and the McMichael Autumn Art Show.

Today, Clinton Jammer’s work is available exclusively at Heart of Nature Gallery in Port Carling, which opened June 1, 2019. The 700 sq. ft. gallery overlooks a pond on his private 3-acre wooded property and features over 50 of his works, including original art paintings and limited edition prints.

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