Benjamin Hummel

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Benjamin Hummel is a professional and award winning illustrator who depicts the charms and beauty of life in his detailed paintings. Being a storyteller at heart, his many creations have their own unique narratives hidden within the paintings. He is the illustrator of a number of children’s books, and he is currently writing his own YA novel.

What makes Benjamin’s story unique is the fact that his lives and conducts his life while suffering the ravages of a debilitating chronic auto-immune disorder, a disease he was born with and has lived with all his life. This disease eventually resulted in, not one, but two liver transplants, and now he finds himself listed for a third time. Knowing firsthand the fragility of life, Benjamin creates his art and tells his stories with the intent to focus on the triumphs and richest joys we have in our everyday experiences. He creates to overcome the struggles of everyday life by depicting imagery that encourages others to live life more fully.

Benjamin’s daily life can sometimes be filled with physical pain and discomfort. He recognizes that while life is NOT easy, it’s still a gift and should be treasured. He wishes for his work to encourage others who may be going through hard times of their own. Despite his own personal battles, Benjamin Hummel founded Painting for Life as a means for spreading Joy and Hope to the world through art.

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