About Ansada Licensing Group

Ansada Licensing Group, LLC represents talented, professional artists with a history of successful licensing programs. With over twenty-two years of art licensing experience, we strive for quality products and an honest, productive relationship with both the artist and the licensee. You can be confident that answers and materials will be delivered in a timely fashion to ensure smooth production.  With a background in art publishing and fine art, owner Angela Davis is sensitive to artists needs while providing quality art to licensee’s for use on various products and programs.

Among the services we provide are wildlife art licensing, nostalgic art licensing and figurative art licensing.  Wildlife art captures the outdoors and the creatures in it. From bears to birds, wolves to elephants, wildlife art brings us in contact with wondrous, untamed natural environments.  Nostalgic art celebrates a simpler time. This type of art conjures up the past with images of vintage vehicles, horse-drawn carriages, milkmen, and traditional farming.  Figurative art is representational art that derives its inspiration from real objects and people. It retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure. Its opposite would be abstract art.


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