Three’s a Crowd by Kyle Sims

Three’s a Crowd

Last fall I went out, as I do every fall, to visit the moose of my favorite location. I had

the fortune of doing so with fellow artist George Bumann, who soaked the location in

probably more than I and I do mean literally as it rained/snowed on us nearly the whole

time. But during one morning, we were able to observe the behaviors and antics that

occur when a group of around 6 moose congregate. There were at some times, three bulls

and three cows. We were able to hear all the grunts and bizarre moaning sounds (get

your mind out of the gutter) these moose make as they communicated with each other

and moved from one area to another. With this piece, the center cow is showing physical

signs of irritation at the introduction of the second cow, which with the help of my wife,

led me to the chosen title.
~Kyle Sims