Quite a Scene

A few years ago I was out with a friend looking for moose and were fortunate enough to

stumble upon quite a scene of three to four cows and three bulls that were coming and

going. There was plenty of interaction and interesting social behavior being displayed.

The sounds that the moose made, with one bull in particular, were possibly the most

bizarre occurrences. He made these unusual, loud and whiny noises that I could not have

expected out of an animal so large and impressive. When he made these sounds, there

was usually another bull entering his proximity that was displaying an aggressive type

body language. So, I imagine that this whiny noise was him saying he wasn't interested

in a fight.

There were plenty of rutting pits in the area that gave off this wonderful fragrance

(wonderful to the cows that is), which added to complexity of the situation. The cows, as

usual, couldn't get enough time spent sitting down in them. All we could say is, "to each

their own" or "whatever floats your boat".
~Kyle Sims