I never wanted to make a painting with only young animals. The risk of making something too cute was my main concern. Although “cuteness” is built into nature to awaken the instincts of the mother to care for the offspring, for people “cute” always sounds a little bit negative; I would say almost naive. I personally don’t like that philosophy. I, myself, am very attracted to children, especially because they are so cute. I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. One wants to protect them: the natural instinct to care.

I don’t want to have the label of being a predator painter, a bird painter, or any other specialized direction. So, why not paint, once in a while, a cute subject?

Young wolves are wonderful little creatures. I have had all these little guys in my arms, and I’ve had that big desire to paint them. I first did it in my Den Mother family scene, but now I wanted them more close up and in special light. I chose a backlight under some trees, a real challenge. I am also trying to find good subjects for different sizes of paintings, long horizontals or long verticals. Four wolf pups in a row was the perfect subject for a painting of such shape.
— Carl Brenders