The nicest experiences on my first trips to the New World were the encounters with the many different kinds of small mammals, which are so easy to see. Americans and Europeans are different, and so are their animals. On any of my hiking trips in Europe, I cannot imagine ever seeing so many small creatures as I did in the American wild. North America is blessed with a wide range of squirrels and chipmunks, which are not shy at all.

On a one-day hike through Algonquin Park in Canada, I probably saw several hundred chipmunks running through the fallen leaves. Although they are ground squirrels, chipmunks climb in trees almost as ? as their cousins, the squirrels.

For a wildlife painter, it is a delight to capture such a sight in a painting. I love chipmunks so much that I could paint them for a long time—you could call it “Carl’s chipmunk period”—but so many other subjects are waiting. The beauty of nature is inexhaustible!
— Carl Brenders