Hayden Wonder

Last year, Joy and I went out as I routinely do to observe the bison rut and were blessed

with an extraordinary day. The sky was amazing and the activity level, in such a

confined area with the bison, was engaging. They were coming and going across the

road, causing traffic jams galore. The bulls were chasing cows and then stopping on a

dime, turning around and fending off the competition with some very strong fighting.

Near and far were the bellows of the bulls as they would fall to the ground, rocking back

and forth in an effort to become as intimidating as possible. And then there is the beauty

of Hayden Valley with its lush carpet of greens surrounding the Yellowstone River as it

makes its way north into Montana. This whole combination leaves one with a smile and

a vow to return for the next go around.
~Kyle Sims