Vulpes vulpes

I have been wanting to do a super fox painting for a long time, and I thought a close-up of four young foxes was an excellent idea and would make a very decorative painting Ñ you could say a painting full of foxes! I was inspired by a photograph I had seen of four young fennecs Ñ desert foxes with very large ears.

In my preliminary sketch, one of the four young cubs turned out to look a little bit too adult, so the idea came to me to make a mother out of it. I did another sketch, and because foxes can easily have six cubs, I was not happy with three. I added two more cubs which was considerably more work, but it was worth it. The face of the mother was nice but perhaps a little too ordinary. To give her a special look to make it a little different than most fox paintings and to make it more realistic, I painted her licking her nose.
— Carl Brenders