Calm Before The Challenge by Carl Brenders


When wildlife artists say that field work is the nicest part of their job, they are speaking about the thrill they get when they see wild creatures in their habitat, displaying their daily behavior. In the national parks, one sometimes can come pretty close to the animals. In summer this is most enjoyable, but it becomes quite spectacular in the autumn when the rutting season begins.

Physical changes occur in most male members of the deer family; their appearance is very impressive, and their behavior becomes more aggressive. Although moose don’t bugle, it is quite exciting to follow them on their way to a cow. They cover a lot of ground to find the females.

The scene in my painting is one of a bull moose who knows that the female is not far away. Should another male appear at this moment, a terrible fight would ensue, and only the strongest would win the female.

— Carl Brenders