Donald Grant

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The talent of British artist Donald Grant was apparent from an early age.  He sold his first painting when he was nine years old to his family doctor.  While still a schoolboy, Grant also painted a large mural in a public building and won a national drawing and design competition in the same year.

Grant continued to paint at every opportunity while he followed a varied career, which began with the discipline of a long apprenticeship as a shipbuilding draftsman and continues with Army service in Africa.  He also worked as a technical illustrator, a graphic designer and a free-lance advertising artist.

Grant’s masterful interpretation of wildlife subjects has made him an artist of stature respected world-wide.  His paintings have been internationally exhibited and collected since 1970.  Grant’s technical perfection and ability to capture the feel of the African wilderness and the wildlife it supports are capabilities that could only be acquired through a love of Africa.

Donald Grant’s own words best describe his love of Africa:  “Here in this magnificent setting, which we should all do our utmost to protest, the finely balanced day-to-day drama of survival unfolds.”

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