A Meeting of Sorts

It is always a blast going out during the summer to observe the bison rut. You can’t help

but feel the emotion associated with a couple 2,000 pound, fully equipped male bison

going head to head in the struggle to encourage to other to move on. It happens so quick

and there really is a lot of dust that comes with it as the rut occurs during the middle of

the summer. The scene I’ve depicted here is the small pause that occurs in between bouts

of fighting as each bull regains his bearings. They usually shake their heads side to side

as they decide what to do next. With the painting itself in terms of paint quality, I’m

trying something new for me. It’s difficult to see it in the digital image here, but when

you look at the original, you will soon discover that the dust is broken up into different

little bits of color, but all in the same value range. This technique really gives life to the

dust, almost making it appear to be vibrating with movement.
~Kyle Sims