There are many ways to be inspired for a wolf painting. The wolf who posed for me this time was a tame animal that was taken care of so well that it looked like a wonderful domestic dog.

The owner (a police officer) had confiscated it from a “macho man” who wanted to demonstrate his power by walking on the beach with a wolf. Closer investigation showed that the wolf was kept in miserable conditions. Many wild animals are mistreated to enhance the image of the owner.

The police officer who confiscated this wolf is a real animal lover, together with his wife, also a police officer. They invited me to stay together with the animal for several hours. Although there was a great contact, the wolf sometimes snapped at my leg when I came too close to let me know who was the boss. This experience gave me the idea to paint a wolf that reminds every dog owner of his own dog since wolves are the ancestors of all our much-beloved domestic dogs.

In the wild, some wolves stay alone for a time before eventually joining another pack. This one must be such a “loner.”

— Carl Brenders