Autumn Gentleman by Carl Brenders

An Autumn Gentleman

Every year, when autumn comes, I am anxious to go into the forests to watch the deer. After years of experience, I learned where I can find them. The tracks tell you a great deal. This colorful season has a lot of charm when the deer change into their gray winter coats and the males’ antlers lose the velvet. They become very impressive with their thick necks. A male in the glory of his life is a joy for the eye. The proud, alert way he watches you is always an unforgettable experience.

There is a typical way the antlers grow, but in certain areas, the antlers can take bizarre forms. Hunters call these nontypical. Little by little, I became a fan of the nontypicals. For my painting the antlers still have the shape of real whitetail antlers, but with a lot of deformations (some points going down). One can see white-tailed deer with antlers almost like fallow deer antlers, with palmed elements in them. This is a deer species where the Creator used much of His imagination.

— Carl Brenders