David Utz

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Utz is an artist of many interests; he is a portrait artist, a sculptor and a graphic designer who has won honors and awards for his commercial art and art direction. Paying homage to the surrealists and Henri Rousseau, Utz also creates fantasy art. He says his are fantasies with “realistic overtones, places where you can plant your feet.”

David Utz’s inspiration is well fueled by his many influences — the clean sense of composition and style of turn-of-the-century illustrators Howard Pyle and Maxfield Parrish; the bold graphics and vibrant color of Caribbean and Central and South American art; the contemporary look of media art of the 1960s. Utz was also influenced by his late father, renowned artist Thornton Utz, and grew up with his artistic talent well nurtured in a studio world of artists.

The art of David Utz is a colorist’s celebration of shape, form and composition. Utz says he always wants “enough in the painting to keep the viewer entertained.” His image are flamboyant fantasies where the viewer escapes to landscapes of lively serenity.